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Buprenorphine Implementation Toolkit – Prescribing options

Patients purchase medication at a retail pharmacy

Patients receive a standard prescription each time they see the physician.

The patient purchases the medication at a retail pharmacy.

Some states offer agencies medication subsidy contracts to reduce the cost of medications for patients who meet eligibility requirements. This has been an effective way to increase access to buprenorphine for many patients who lack medication benefits.

See sample form: Sliding Fee Scale

Agencies have their own internal pharmacy or process for purchasing medication and being reimbursed by their states

There are often creative ways to leverage purchasing of buprenorphine in either model noted above. Per tab prices vary greatly. Talking with local pharmacies about competitive pricing, as well as pooling resources, can influence per unit pricing and provide savings to your patients

Many states provide discount cards available to their citizens. These can also be applied to defer cost to patients and provider pharmacies.

Finally, billing for professional services in your buprenorphine MAT program is reflected in the New and Established Office Visit CPT Codes.

See sample form: Charge Ticket

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