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Featured NIATx Promising Practice: Eliminate Excessive Paperwork
03/15/2017 -

Even in our increasingly digital world, paperwork continues to create a barrier to accessing many kinds of services. 

Research: Teaching and learning styles in quality improvement collaboratives
03/15/2017 -

NIATx 200, a randomized controlled trial involving 200 addiction treatment organizations in five states, examined the effectiveness of different components of the NIATx process improvement model

NIATx Change Project Improves Transition to Continuing Care
03/15/2017 - WomanSpace Philadelphia

WomanSpace Philadelphia is a residential treatment program for dually-diagnosed, chronically homeless women. 

NIATx Principle 2: Fix key problems (and help the CEO sleep at night)
03/15/2017 -

The NIATx model centers on five essential principles that have been shown to play a critical role in the outcome of an improvement project. 

NIATx Principle #1: Understand and involve the customer
02/17/2017 -

Understanding and involving the customer has more influence on a project’s success that all the other factors put together, and that’s why we made this the Number One principle of NIATx. 

Top Five NIATx Promising Practices
02/17/2017 -

The following Promising Practices made our Top Five list for number of page views.

Milwaukee County Change Project gives Customers a Voice
02/17/2017 - -none-

Attending a NIATx Change Leader Academy equipped the Milwaukee County Delinquency and Court Services Division (DCSD) with new tools and a new perspective on how to deliver services with a customer focus. 

A-CHESS: a new study combines medication-assisted treatment and mobile health
01/06/2017 -

A new study will test if A-CHESS combined with medication-assisted treatment improves outcomes for people with opioid use disorders. 

NIATx Principle 4: Get ideas from outside the organization or field
01/06/2017 -

There is much to be learned from the successes of businesses in other industries, and there is no reason that the practices that work for them cannot be creatively reshaped to allow your organization to be more successful.

NIATx project yield big changes in Kenosha County
01/06/2017 -

"Engaging in the NIATx process has had many great outcomes for us," says Kari Foss, Crisis Stabilization Unit Coordinator at Kenosha Human Development Services in Kenosha, Wisconsin.