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Center for Human Services

About Center for Human Services

Center for Human Services (CHS) is a community-based not-for-profit youth and family services agency that has been a resource for children, adults, and families since 1970. The mission of the Center for Human Services is to strengthen the community through counseling, education, and support for children, youth, adults, and families in North King and South Snohomish Counties.

Project Information

Changes Implemented

This Change Project included four PDSA cycles:
  1. First, we created “open access” appointments. We scheduled group intake one day a week and offered same-day assessments. There was no increase in admissions, but the no-show rate decreased.
  2. While continuing open access appointments, we removed any paperwork requirements not necessary for the completion of assessments. Our target population experienced a 33 percent increase in admissions and the no-show rate continued to decrease.
  3. We provided the program coordinator responsible for answering first contact calls with a telephone headset to increase availability and contact with prospective clients phoning for services. Admission rates continued to increase but there was also a slight increase in the no-show rate.
  4. We placed an assessor at the local public service office to provide same-day assessments in order to increase admissions for expansion clients.


According to our measures, this was a successful Change Project:
  • No-show rates decreased from 80 percent to 65 percent.
  • Admission rates for expansion clients increased by 87 percent.
  • We now offer same-day services.
  • Revenue increased and we increased the range of available services.
  • By decreasing the no-show rate, counselor time was spent more productively.

Figure 1

Lessons Learned

The walk-through helped us to see strengths and challenges in each step of the assessment process. Using rapid-cycle changes helped us to theorize about and make needed changes.

Next Steps

This project is in the sustainability phase. We are monitoring data continually and making adjustments as needed to sustain the changes.

Last updated 05/27/2010

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